Like all engineering projects, bridges are characterised by custom designs and often very specific requirements. Besides functionality, aspects such as adapting to local circumstances or, in many cases, non-standard solutions, must be considered. Further aspects include:

  • Long spans and hence high individual loads
  • Steel or concrete structures
  • In some cases complex and demanding superstructure geometries
  • Steel-concrete composite construction for some bridge decks
  • Changes of gradient, variable radii and varying cross-sections are all common
  • Flexible solutions are needed for carrying and transferring heavy loads at diverse heights

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TITAN Aluminium megashore system

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TITAN WK wall-mounted supports

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TITAN aluminium formwork beams

  • High-strength aluminium
  • High load-carrying capacity for a low self-weight
  • Robust and unaffected by the weather
  • Lengths to suit the needs of contractors
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