Ground Anchors

Anchors represent a cost-effective way of securing diverse types of retaining wall, temporary excavation shoring and permanent slope stabilisation including retaining structures to suit the prevailing structural conditions. TITAN micropiles used as tension piles according to DIN EN 14199 have proved to be economic alternatives to permanently prestressed ground anchors to DIN EN 1537.

Of course, our micropiles are also ideal for temporary (< 2 years) applications. Installation as a temporary grouted anchor is carried out according to DIN EN 1537 in conjunction with German Technical Specification DIN SPEC 18537.

Gentle, low-vibration installation with compact, lightweight equipment is standard, even for situations with difficult access.

The advantages of TITAN micropiles when used as anchors

  • Pile head details can be incorporated in the superstructure. These are according to the approval or by verifying the work on site or according to the EAU recommendations for hydraulic engineering structures.
  • Permanent monitoring is unnecessary.
  • The system enables pile angles to be compensated for by using a suitable head detail.
  • With our wide range of products, it is possible to choose an economic solution to suit the loads.
  • According to the approval, our piles can carry design loads of up to 2174 kN.
  • Higher loads for single piles are possible within the scope of an individual project approval.
  • Only small equipment is needed for installation.
  • The drilling position for a pile does not have to be directly in front of the drilling rig.

Hydraulic engineering structures

Sheet pile walls and concrete walls for hydraulic engineering structures have to be permanently anchored. Typical applications include:

  • Quayside facilities
  • Quayside structures
  • Quayside promenades
  • Flood defence walls
  • Locks
  • Sluices
  • Scoop wheels
  • Turning basins

These can be both new-build projects and refurbishment measures for existing structures.

Hydraulic engineering structures

Transport Infrastructure

ISCHEBECK TITAN micropiles are used in structures for roads, railways and canals.
TITAN micropiles are used in many road construction applications:

  • Slope stabilisation
  • Verge stabilisation
  • Underpasses

When it comes to railways, TITAN micropiles are used for the refurbishment of existing and construction of new retaining structures for embankment, slope stabilisation and the construction of new-lines under bridges.

In canals, micropiles are frequently used when building new or extending existing canals. For more information, see the section on hydraulic engineering structures.

Transport Infrastructure

Excavation shoring

In excavation work, our systems are used as temporary anchors for sheet pile walls, bearing pile walls, cast-in-place pile walls and diaphragm walls.

Exavation shoring

Slope stabilisation

Slopes, too, can be secured with anchored retaining structures. In these cases, micropiles can be installed as permanent anchors for any type of retaining structure, such as new or refurbished retaining walls that require anchorages to secure a slope above and behind the structure.

Examples of slope stabilisation without indirect load transfer via retaining structures can be found in the section on soil nailing.

Slope stabilisation