Geotechnical Systems
TITAN micropile

The heart of the system is the self-drilling TITAN micropile that transfers loads to the subsoil. Micropiles can transfer tension, compression and cyclic loads and are used to secure structures.

ISCHEBECK can supply many different micropiles to suit different applications: anchorages, foundations, underpinning, slope stabilisation, tunnelling, mining, etc.

TITAN micropiles are approved according to National Technical Approval / Construction Technique Permit No. Z-34.14-209 issued by the Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik (DIBt) and are the only tubular grouted piles that can be used for permanent applications exceeding 100 years.

The following are just some of the convincing advantages of TITAN micropiles:

Convincing advantages –
TITAN micropile

Advantages for designers

  • System approved in accordance with building legislation
  • Quick and easy planning
  • Diverse applications – even with difficult boundary conditions
  • Suitable for all soil types

Advantages for contractors

  • Standard installation method irrespective of type of application
  • Suitable for use on confined sites, too
  • Fast progress on site
  • Unaffected by changing soil conditions
  • No additional plant necessary

Advantages for clients

  • No ongoing costs for monitoring tests
  • Permanent corrosion protection
  • Highly reliable installation method
  • Avoids a major intervention in existing works
  • Economic system

TITAN Micropile
An overview of the system

Our TITAN micropile system ensures maximum safety but at the same time maximum cost-effectiveness for your construction project. All components are available in many different sizes to suit the various loadbearing requirements. That guarantees efficiency and the flexibility to adapt to different ground conditions and applications.

Pile head details
The right head detail for every job

Whether as anchors for sheet piles support for reinforced concrete foundations or for slope stabilisation, we can provide the right head detail for every application.

  • Standardised
  • Verified typical calculations

For further information please refer to our brochure on pile head details.

TITAN Hollow Steel Bar
with 3-in-1-function

The threaded steel tube made from fine-grained structural steel functions as drilling rod, injection tube and reinforcing element.

  • Characteristic loadbearing capacities between 190 kN and 3132 kN
  • The bar properties guarantee permanent corrosion protection
  • Steel quality according to European Norms

forms a structural connection (tension/compression)

  • For cyclic and dynamic loads
  • Optimum transfer of impact energy
  • Impervious up to 250 bar

for concentric drilling

  • Helps to ensure a stable direction during drilling
  • Ensures a consistent cover of cement grout

Grout body

  • Guarantees corrosion protection
  • Loads transferred to the subsoil
  • Skin friction 20% higher than for a cased drilling

Drill bits

  • Available in different sizes for every type of soil
  • Please ask for our complete list


Discover smartTITAN

One installation method
for all applications

Irrespective of the ground conditions and the particular application, TITAN micropiles are always installed using the same method.

  • Can also be used in changing soil conditions
  • No additional drilling tools required
  • No multi-stage grouting
  • Installed according to DIBt approval Z-34.14-209
  • One operation – two steps

Step 1
Direct drilling

  • A cement suspension is injected through the hollow steel bar and forced out through the flushing apertures in the drill bit.
  • The cement suspension functions as a flushing and drilling fluid to prevent the sides of the hole from collapsing.
  • The cement forms a mechanical interlock with the microstructure of the soil (filter cake).

Step 2
Dynamic grouting

  • The fluid of step 1 is displaced by a stiff cement suspension (w/c ratio = 0.4–0.5).
  • A grout body forms, creating a high shear bond with the soil.

Application areas
Geotechnical systems

on site

Various types of equipment can be used to install TITAN micropiles depending on the size of the TITAN hollow steel bar, the type of application and the restrictions on the building site.

Installation with hand-held hammer drill

For the smaller hollow steel bars, TITAN 30 to TITAN 40.

Installation with anchor drilling rig

Universal crawler track-mounted units for installing all TITAN hollow steel bars.

Installation with excavator-mounted drilling plant

For the smaller to moderately sized hollow steel bars and especially suitable for building sites with difficult access.

with approval

TITAN micropiles comply with DIN EN 14199 in conjunction with German Technical Specifications DIN SPEC 18539, which requires an approval.

Our product has been granted National Technical Approval / Construction Technique Permit No. Z-34.14-209 “TITAN system for use as a micropile” by the German Institute of Building Technology (DIBt).

This National Technical Approval / Construction Technique Permit regulates the design and installation of TITAN micropiles in Germany in conformity with construction law when used in the construction of permanent structures.

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Hollow steel bar
with 3-in-1 function

Stahltragglied Titan

Function 1
Drilling rod

  • with continuous TITAN thread
  • can be shortened or lengthened as required
  • self-locking thread = no counter nuts necessary
  • optimum thread form for good shear bond

Function 2
Injection tube

  • drilled hole filled, from the bottom, completely with cement suspension
  • no separate casing necessary

Function 3
Reinforcing bar

  • Tough, ductile steel
  • S 460 NH fine-grained structural steel
  • no sudden failure
  • satisfies all demands placed on reinforcing steel

Grout body

Schnittbild Verpresskoerper Eng

TITAN self- drilling micropiles are continuously grouted, through dynamic injection, elements. The grout body therefore forms a mechanical interlock with the surrounding soil. The cement grout cover guarantees permanent corrosion protection and ensures that the loads are transferred to the subsoil. Any cracks in the grout body are limited < 0.1 mm (crack width limitation).