TITAN Aluminium megashore system
Flexible. Economical. Safe.

Whether single support tower or extensive falsework, table form or mobile formwork, the TITAN aluminium Megashore system can support all kinds of loads: in situ concrete floor slabs, precast concrete elements, steel structures, etc. This modular system made from high-grade aluminium is lightweight and robust. Assembly is quick and easy.

The primary element is the TITAN adjustable aluminium leg. When combined with extension pieces, ledger frames, screw jacks and TITAN aluminium formwork beams, it is possible to erect falsework to suit your needs exactly.

The aluminium scaffold stair or the access panel with aluminium telescopic ladder ensures safe access. For further applications and options, please consult our brochure on the TITAN aluminium Megashore system, which is available for download.


  • TITAN adjustable aluminium leg according to DIN EN 16031 (adjustable aluminium telescopic props)
  • National Technical Approval: “Connections in the TITAN aluminium Megashore system” (Z-8.22-874)
  • Verified typical calculations to DIN EN 12812
  • Heights up to 24.60 m covered by type-testing
  • Verifiable structural calculations for complex falsework assemblies by means of smartTITAN – also for those not covered by type-testing
  • Leg loads up to 128 kN

TITAN aluminium megashore system configurations

Support tower

  • Quick and easy assembly of adjustable aluminium legs and aluminium ledger frames to form stable, four-leg towers.
  • Ledger frames increase the loadbearing capacity of the individual legs substantially.

Complete support structure

  • Several four-leg support towers can be joined together with additional aluminium ledger frames top and bottom to form a complete support structure.

Stair tower

  • Enables easy, ergonomic access to every working platform up to heights of 24.00 m.
  • Safe, time-saving access
  • Easy assembly
  • Can be assembled horizontally or vertically

Table form

  • For the rational provision of formwork for large floor slabs and repetitive formwork jobs.
  • Modular table form, assembled on site
  • Only a few legs per form
  • Easy repositioning cuts formwork setup times
  • Must be fabricated to suit each project

Mobile formwork

  • Elaborate support system for floors and walls
  • Lightweight, easily handled system components ensure easy adjustment to suit diverse requirements.
  • The result is a quickly assembled mobile formwork unit with a high loadbearing capacity.
  • Easily moved with hydraulic jacks and fixed castor units.

System components & accessories for aluminium falsework

  • Well-thought-out accessories complement the TITAN aluminium Megashore range
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TITAN aluminium megashore system

Application areas
TITAN aluminium megashore system

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