GIGANT aluminium end-face shoring
Fast and safe for max. 3 m deep trenches

In many situations it is only the trench sides that are shored. Ends of trenches are frequently neglected because there are hardly any suitable systems available. There is often insufficient space to slope the end of a trench to prevent collapse. ISCHEBECK offers a standardised answer in the form of its GIGANT aluminium end-face shoring.

  • Modular system solution easily adapted to different trench widths
  • Suitable for the complete extension range of Gi-A trench struts
  • Adapts to the edge of the trench, no unnecessary excavation required
  • Depth: 0.50 – 3.00 m
  • Clear working width: 0.84 – 2.35 m
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Application areas
GIGANT aluminium end-face shoring


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